Pearl Harbor Day 2023: December 7th Remembering a Day of Infamy

Significance: Commemorates the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese Empire in 1941, leading the United States into World War II.

Time: 7:55 AM Hawaiian Standard Time (12:55 PM Eastern Standard Time)

Remembrance: Ceremonies and events are held across the United States, especially at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.

Casualties: 2,403 American service members and civilians killed, 1,178 wounded.

Impact: The attack on Pearl Harbor marked a turning point in history, propelling the United States into World War II.

Legacy: Pearl Harbor Day serves as a reminder of the importance of vigilance and preparedness, and honors the bravery.

Observation: Moment of silence at 7:55 AM local time, flags flown at half-staff, educational programs and historical exhibitions held.

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