PlayStation State of Play Event:What to Expect 15+ Games Reveal

PlayStation enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the upcoming State of Play event, poised to unveil over 15 game titles for both PS5 and PS VR2 consoles. With promises of an extensive lineup and a runtime exceeding 40 minutes, let’s delve into the speculations and rumors surrounding this highly anticipated showcase.

PlayStation’s Overview of the Upcoming State of Play

Sony’s State of Play events have become synonymous with unveiling upcoming PlayStation titles through engaging trailers and gameplay footage. Since its inception in 2019, these pre-recorded streams have played a pivotal role in the gaming industry’s marketing hype cycles.

Predicting the Lineup

Locked-In PlayStation Title Contenders

  • Final Fantasy XVI: As a summer 2023 release, fans can expect new story or gameplay footage given past marketing cycles for the franchise.
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: With a teaser trailer already circulating for the sequel, anticipate new combat or open-world Manhattan reveals.
  • Forspoken: Delayed to late January 2023, expect new trailers or character spotlights for this fantasy action RPG.

Fresh Announcements Rumored to Debut

  • Silent Hill 2 Remake: Rumors suggest a ground-up PS5 remake of the classic psychological horror game, potentially developed by Bloober Team.
  • Death Stranding 2: Hideo Kojima’s enigmatic sequel may make an appearance, stirring excitement among fans of the 2019 action title.
  • Sonic Generations Remaster: Reports indicate a current-gen graphics overhaul for the beloved 2011 anniversary game, possibly timed with Sonic Frontiers’ success.
  • New Until Dawn Game: Supermassive Games might unveil their next cinematic horror narrative, offering a fresh take on the iconic formula.

Wildcard Reveals That Could Shock Fans

  • Insomniac’s Secret Multiplayer Project: Job listings hint at online and co-op mechanics from the developers of Spider-Man and Ratchet & Clank.
  • Returnal 2: A rapid sequel to the successful 2022 roguelike game, potentially with PS VR2 support.
  • SOCOM Revival: Rumblings of Sony reviving the classic tactical shooter series persist, promising nostalgia for fans of the original titles.
  • New Japan Studio IP: PlayStation’s internal studio may unveil its PS5 project in collaboration with external partners, offering fresh gaming experiences.

The Road Ahead After the Showcase

The sheer size of the State of Play event signals Sony’s commitment to accelerating PlayStation 5 momentum in 2023. With competitors’ showcases on the horizon, Sony strategically positions itself to dominate discussions in the gaming community.


As players eagerly anticipate the unveiling of upcoming releases, the State of Play event promises to deliver a bounty of exclusive sequels, new IPs, and remakes. Sony’s strategic moves ensure that PlayStation remains at the forefront of gaming conversations, captivating audiences with thrilling gaming experiences.

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